What is the difference between a masterclass, a workshop and other events?

What is the difference between a masterclass, a workshop and other events?


  • is, in comparison to a regular class, an intensified practice class of 90 to 120 minutes of Inside Flow. This special format is solely about learning and flowing through one Inside Flows. It must not be a weekly regular class.


  • is an at least 2 hour long class format that usually has a specific focus topic. Through, for example, an alignment excursion it takes a step further and transmits more detailed knowledge. The additional deep-dive should not be a randomly chosen topic but a good fit to the Inside Flow you teach.
  • Example: If the Inside Flows you teach includes a handstand, it makes sense to take time out of your workshop to explain the correct alignment of a handstand, give options for the different students’ levels, and practice it in pairs.


  • is an approx. 4 hour event where you’ll learn approx. three Inside Flows by one or more Senior and Pro Teachers.
  • The concert is all about the emotional and joyful atmosphere, the music creates and a special location fosters. It further aims to strengthen the connection with the heart and the connection between the practitioners.
  • In the GAS region (DACH), concerts are usually called “Klang des Herzens” (engl.: sound of the heart)


  • is a multi-day national or international event that offers a big schedule of Inside Flow classes. Attendees of the conference can choose independently which class they’d like to participate in. It creates the impression of a yoga festival.

Teacher Training

  • teaches the theory of Inside Flow as well as several Inside Flow sequences.
  • Both Inside Flow lovers and Inside Flow teachers can attend a teacher training. While Inside Flow lovers are trained to become Inside Flow Silver Instructors, practitioners who are already Inside Flow teachers join to gain more TRC.
  • Only Senior, Pro and Master Teachers can lead teacher trainings (check the leaderboard on insideflow.com for Senior and Pro Teachers worldwide).