Do regular classes also count for TEC?

Do regular classes also count for TEC?

Yes, we adjusted our rules based on the feedback from the Inside Flow Community. Regular classes are also valid now until further notice. Please be aware of the rules for regular classes below.

Rules for Regular Classes:

  • You receive 1 TEC per class, regardless of the number of students in that class.
  • Maximum 100 TEC p.a. with regular classes (approx 2 classes per week).
  • You need to submit proof for a whole period, for example with the schedule calendar of the studio that hosted your classes.

How to submit your regular classes? 
  1. Only submit on a yearly basis (e.g. once for 2019, once for 2020 etc.)
  2. Go to
  3. For the date chose a date of the selected year. For example for 2020 --> 31.12.2020
  4. Under training type select "regular class".
  5. Number of participants: Here add the number of classes you hold in the selected year.
  6. How long was the training: Just add "1".
  7. Upload your proof: It's sufficient to upload the course overview of the selected time frame for example. You can even upload an excel spreadsheet with a detailed list of your classes. More details the better.
  8. Submit it.
  9. Wait 7-14 days until we checked your submission.

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