Can I mix Inside Flow with Alignment in my workshops? Can I offer mixed workshops? (Align & Flow)

Can I mix Inside Flow with Alignment in my workshops? Can I offer mixed workshops? (Align & Flow)

Inside Flow Teachers who are also certified Inside Yoga Teachers are allowed to hold Align & Flow Workshops. As a Junior or higher, they can provide Training Credits (TRC) for the whole duration of an Align & Flow Workshop that they teach. 

Example: A Junior Teacher with an Inside Yoga TT Certificate holds a 2 hr long Align & Flow Workshop. Her/his participants will receive 2 TRC. 

Please be aware that the duration of a workshop depends on the level of the Inside Flow teacher: [](

Inside Flow Teacher without an Inside Yoga Teacher Certificate must not hold any alignment workshops in combination with Inside Flow (e.g. Align & Flow concept). They need to have officially learnt Inside Yoga alignment to be able to teach it. Should they offer Align & Flow workshops nonetheless, Inside Flow Official will not acknowledge and accept any TRC requests or submissions.

Important: Align & Flow is the official naming for mixed workshops within the Inside Flow and Inside Yoga system. Please use this name for your mixed workshops and none other.

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